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iTunes Update 12.2 release for OS X with Apple Music

Apple Inc. today release an update v 12.2 for iTunes with features like Apple Music support. Now you can enjoy Apple Music on your Apple Mac, too. All you need is the 12.2 update for iTunes.

To get this 12.2 update you need to connect your Mac to WiFi or other Internet service then open iTunes Click on the iTunes on top bar then choose 'Check for Updates' a new message ('A new version of iTunes (12.2) is available. Would you like to download it now?') like this coming to screen. Choose Download iTunes you will get your iTunes with Apple Music soon after this update.

You can also download this update straight from Apple iTunes on Update tab.

According to the update description in the App Store, iTunes 12.2 includes the following Apple Music features:
  • For You music recommendations
  • Radio, including Beats 1
  • New, which highlights new music curated by Apple’s music editors
  • My Music, where you find your purchased music, imported songs, and selections you’ve picked in Apple Music
  • Connect, the venue for artists to reach out to fans
The iTunes Store is still a major part of iTunes 12.2. The app also has a new icon to match the iOS Music icon.

GarageBand also gets an update on iTunes Store.

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