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Best VPN Apps for Android Phone July 2019

The best VPN Apps are trending nowadays every corner of the world. Why VPN Apps are best for Security and Privacy? Because, nobody can track your internet activity or still some block holes are there behind these VPN applications.
In this article we will compare some of the Trending VPN Apps in Play Store by the features they providing. We are going to compare the Best free VPN Apps in July month of 2019.
In order to access some restricted websites like Age restricted content websites, Hacking websites, Accessing unrestricted web inside organisation firewall, Downloading torrent files, Watching copyright Movies and Videos people uses Best VPN apps 2019.
Hotspot Shield VPN
The most used VPN app for Android is Hotspot shield. This is the simplest app to use and many users like the faster connection of the servers they provides.
It provides some features like Auto turn on while you are in unsecured Wi-Fi, start with your phone etc. It doesn't provide the option to choose server location.
Turbo VPN
Like Hotspot shield Turbo VPN also quite fast , but sometimes you have to stop and start the VPN when u will feel the internet speed running slow.
Turbo VPN provides user friendly interface without any confusing advertisements. Turbo VPN also offering 7 days trial period. It has the feature to choose different Server but a few.
My personal best because I like the design and logo. Although this VPN is pretty much faster than Hotspot shield, it lacks the multiple server options. Melon VPN App origin is Singapore, so mostly we will get a Singapore Server. For India this VPN can give much more speed than others like USA, UK servers.
Super VPN
Super VPN takes a little time to start the VPN. It provides an unique feature called Smart proxy to control over applications installed on your device.
So you can turn on or off VPN for selected apps. Apply VPN on individual app on phone, useful right?.
The name itself suggest that it's a kind of Thunderstorm/Lightning VPN.
So a mini Thor will be sitting inside the App to hammer and make Lightning. Thunder VPN App is really lightning fast while starting the VPN.
You can also try Orbot VPN APK  Orbot VPN APK provided by The Tor Project.
Download FaceApp pro APK for Android Phone.
Best Deepfake AI Video Clip maker in China , Download ZAO APK App for Android.
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